My Chinese friends

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My college: UNNC, has nine students came here this semester, we do have a lot of fun here. Besides me and a boy, all others do accounting. Most time, they do their work at day time, and come back to their dorm seeing American TV shows in the evening, that is all of their life in America. Besides me, none of them came to Charleston’s beach in the whole semester. They are healthy in their lives, no alcohol, no party and very few activities which interact with other countries’ students. Anyway, that’s most Chinese do in America.

Happy new year

New year has come, I decide to finish this blog during these new year’s vocation. Wish everyone could have a good year!

My lovely dorm :D

party My RoomMy RoommateMe and JillMe and JosephDSC_0002Alex

I live in Buist River, which is a honor students’ building. I love the people here, because they all are positive and friendly. The first photo is shoot from Buist Welcome Party. Almost every freshman come to the downstairs and meet each other, write the name on the white shirts for the memory.  The second and third photo is my room. In the second picture, you can see my bed, my desk and my bureau. Beside my bed, you can see a board on the wall, which I love very much. I enjoy to post some memorable things on it, such as some photos, tickets and postcards. There is a refrigerator and a microwave in the room, which is very convenient for me to contain food and cook noodles. And there is a big mirror on the back of the door. So I do think this would helpful for the guys who want to choose dorm. The forth photo is me and Jill, who is a very nice Jewish lady. I knew Jew from movies, radio and books, and I love them because I think they are smart and strong. Jill is the first Jew I have ever met. Several mornings, I have tea with her and we do have a good time. Her office is on the first floor, and I felt very relax to talk to her. The next two photos is Joseph. He is a cougar ambassador when I came and he is a good instrument player. I took participate in their Christmas song singing ceremony. Bunch of people come together and singing some songs for the lord. The next photo is my roommate and RA (residence assistant). He is a very responsible man and we live well with him.

Yes, I am in Charleston!

After a long flight, we reach Charleston. Actually the airport is in the North Charleston.


As we hoped, there were some guys picking us. They were Olivia and Alex. When we met them, we feel they just like our families. They gave us a bag of useful stuff, such as maps, the books including the Introduction of Charleston, candy and a bottle of water. That is very nice, because we are thirsty, we need the water a lot. Then the staff of CIE drove us to our houses. It is quite surprise for us to meet the guy outside the dorm waiting for us. That is Gina! She is a nice girl and this is her senior year. She is adorable. She help us to find our room, help us to make cougar card and have a lunch with our three boys, who is living in the Buist River, the honors building.


In the afternoon, we went to CIE, the staff of CIE took us to the Target supermarket. That is quite helpful for us. We buy a lot of staff in the Target, see the picture! We buy pillows, hangers, sheet, blanket, cloths, napkin, food,  lamp, cups, laundry detergent and a lot of staff in target. Whatever we need, we could find it in the target. It is a very huge supermarket, I like it. Because it is in the suburb, the tax is not high.

meetingcougar ambassador

In the second day, Melissa prepared us a warm welcome meeting, gave us a lot information about the culture, the classes and living tips. During the meeting, they arranged us into different groups and each group was taken by a cougar ambassador to have a campus tour. After the meeting, we meet our own cougar ambassador, who will accompany us for the whole semester or the whole year. My ambassador’s name is Hannah, who is a very responsible girl!

My first page of C of C.


Why I choose College of Charleston?

Before and after I came here, a lot of people ask me this question. And when I came here, everyone in this college told me I have made the right choice. But why? Why I choose this college? Because of the beach? Because Charleston is a historical city with good harbors and delicious seafood? Because College of Charleston’s Business School has AACSB identification? No. Before I came here, I don’t know these stuff. No one told me and I have not done any research. But I heard from others that this is a good college and would let me to have a good transfer experience. So I come here, no other reasons. hahaha

For those guys who want to transfer to this college from China and seeing my blog. My suggestion is you should come here, you do not need to read the following contents in my blog because English is not your first language and you could be suffer from reading.

sun riseBack to the topic! My first page started from receiving the letter from Melissa. I can still remember the excited mood when I picked up the letters from UNNC’s international office. I opened the letter carefully where there is a C of C’s logo on the surface. Within the letter, there is DS2019 and Melissa’s invitation letter.

About cost me a month, I prepared the docs for my visa and health certification. I did online application, paid the fee, according to the receipt, fulfilled the application, and paid again. Then came to Shanghai from Ningbo, to have an interview. At the same time I went to China customs, to put some vaccines into my body. A month later, I had to go customs again and put another vaccines into my body as well. This is the trouble in China which leads some guys even give up transferring to other countries.

We ordered the plane ticket which costs nearly 1100 dollars three months before we departed. I departed from Beijing Airport, traveled over 12 hours to come to US. As we planned, we arrived at San Francisco,  and have a ten days travel around west coast before we came to Charleston.


Who the blogger is?

What’s up?😀

I am Frank, coming form the University of Nottingham China Campus. And now I am a junior student study in College of Charleston. Frank is my English name, there is two reasons for me to choose this name. For one reason, Frank is very easy for others to remember it, the other reason is I am really frankly. hahaha…

My major is business and economics. Before I choose the major, I don’t know to learn what, so my family let me to learn economics. Because everyone should have a economic mind. I love economics, after two years learning, I found the world is run by economics. I can see everything in economic way, it is very interesting!!!

My lifestyle is to be happy and enjoy everyday. I am not coming from a wealthy family. In my childhood, my family lived in a small steel house. My parents started to do business when I was young, so my family become better even though we suffered a lot. And my grandfather used to be persecuted by Chinese party even though he is innocent. All of these determine I would be a liberal guy and I am willing to accept any good and tough things in my life.

OK, no more wasteful words. Now, you know me, and I am willing to share everything happened in my C of C’s life.

I am enjoying my life AND hope you enjoy my blog!